Trendle Analytics

The leading all-in-one application for sellers looking to grow their Amazon business

  • Automatic Emails
  • Review Alerts
  • Advertising Performance
  • Profitability Analytics
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Keyword Ranking
  • FBA Reimbursements
  • Split testing

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Advertising Performance

Supercharge your Sponsored Products campaigns

  • Automated analysis to improve your ACoS based on your preferences
  • Easily make campaign changes: change bids, add negative keywords, pause campaigns, add keywords etc
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Automatic Emails

Build strong customer relationships effortlessly

  • Send emails to your customers automatically to increase your number of reviews
  • Receive up to 3x more positive reviews
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FBA Reimbursements

Using FBA? Then you’re probably owed money!

Amazon often fails to compensate you when they damage or lose an item in their warehouse or when a customer is refunded but does not return the product

  • Trendle’s trained team of real people file claims with Amazon on your behalf

Here’s how much we’ve recovered to date:
$ 599,156.09

Profitability Analytics

Know the true profitability of each product

  • Effortlessly identify the key cost drivers
  • Check Amazon fees are what you expect them to be
  • Compare product performance across countries

Inventory Analytics

Be alerted on slow moving stock as well as on upcoming stock outs

  • Restock before it’s too late
  • Visually understand where your investment is tied up
  • Avoid FBA Long Term Storage fees

Keyword Ranking

Track where your products rank for specific keywords over time

  • Forget ‘Sales Rank’ - Keyword Rank determines your success on Amazon
  • Track your products ranking on certain keywords over time

Product & Seller Reviews

Stay up to date with all your reviews

  • Receive alerts for all your Product & Seller Reviews left by your customers. Don’t let a bad review sink your sales again!
  • Track the number of reviews and the average score on all your products so you can improve and perfect your listing
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Split testing

Automatically test every element of your listing to increase sales and profits and crush your competition

  • You can test: price, sale price, images, title, features (bullet points)

Available For All Marketplaces

Integrate all your Seller Central accounts in one place

  • Works for 11 major Amazon Marketplaces: USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, Japan and Australia!
  • Entire application is also available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian